Oceanna is the name of Chef and owner Biagio Riccio’s daughter, named after her grandmother's, both named Anna, and the mythological God of Water, Oceanus. Oceanna for female. Inspired by her name and their Mediterranean roots, partners Maria Giapoutzis and Riccio started Osianna Taverna.

All over the Aegean, you will find Taverna’s in neighborhoods and on seashores where locals gather with friends and family to share food, conversation and memories. Osianna Taverna is your local Taverna.We are striving to recreate the Taverna experience using the freshest and finest ingredients cooked to perfection, served with the warmest Mediterranean hospitality in a warm and beautiful environment.

Every morning, Chef Riccio designs a pure, clean menu utilizing and capitalizing on the freshest imported and domestic seafood and produce available in the market.The menus typically include a variety of unique small plates, meant to be shared, which include grilled fresh octopus, zucchini and eggplant chips with our famous tzatziki sauce. The small dishes are followed by fresh crispy salads and then by grilled whole fish, steak, or chicken. To compliment these choices, we offer a unique wine list that includes many wonderful, seldom-seen selections from the Mediterranean, reinforcing our idea of locality and locale.

The locale is also an integral part of the restaurant's ambience. Thought and research were put into its design so that patrons would feel as if they were actually feasting in the Mediterranean islands. From the Greek palette of color and textures, earthen-colored walls and ocean blue represent the land and the sea, and the cloud-like notes of the flowing white linen provide the Mediterranean sky.

Accented with museum-quality Greek artifacts, the restaurant becomes a pure visual joy and a wonderful space for enjoying fresh fish, great wine and pure fun. Join us!

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e: info@osianna.com

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Osianna is open Monday thru Saturday from 11:30am to 10:00pm, and is closed on Sundays.

Osianna is located at 70 Reef Road in Fairfield, CT.